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Courses & Resources

Whether you are just launching your career or have been in the workforce for some time, we offer content that can accelerate your image, your value, and your career!

Ask yourself these questions:

  1. Am I stuck on the “broken rung?”
  2. Have I been overlooked for a new position?
  3. Do I see a future for myself with this company or beyond?
  4. Am I frustrated with the overpromise of more while I stagnate?
  5. Do I feel “aged out?”
  6. Am I hesitant to use my voice?
  7. Are you tired of being invisible, overlooked, passed over, ignored?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, now is the time to learn to take risks, shift your paradigm, and direct your career. We’ve helped thousands of professionals just like you across the globe, and we can launch your journey today. Are you ready to get started strong? What are you waiting for?

Start with Series One and Two to build a base, and advance to a Retreat, or a 6 or 10-month Diagnostic Thinking Program that will shift your mindset, reinforce your career trajectory, and build your future!

Series 1
Series 2

Series 1 Courses


Be Bold, Brave, Be You

Be bold, be brave, be you – the title says it all!


Communicate with Impact

Does your message match your movement, appearance, and the words that are coming from your mouth?


Influence with or without Authority

You don’t need to be the CEO or most senior person in the room to have influence.

Series 2 Courses


Fear of Failure

If you are feeling stuck, and paralyzed from doing the things that move you forward to achieve your goals, this session is for you.


Negotiate NOW for What you Really Want

Explore the human factors of negotiation, the process, the mediation staircase, and the principles of SWARM Leadership.


Leveraging Leadership Using Core Values

Connect the dots between values and culture by leveraging your unique Core Values Index™ (CVI).